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Boost Metabolism With These 5 Awesome Ingredients

Yes, You Can Boost Metabolism by Eating!

Many times, we simply try too hard to lose weight. Many people try fad diets, take diet pills, drink special concoctions, starve themselves, and the list goes on. Most of these methods typically only work for the short term. To be healthy in the long term, you will likely need to make some permanent adjustments in the kitchen. Some of these adjustments should include the below foods/ingredients that help to boost metabolism.

5 Ingredients To Give That Metabolism the Natural Boost It Needs

Chili peppers

Chili peppers contain capsaicin which is a chemical compound that can quickly boost metabolism by increasing the number of fat and calories you burn. Capsaicin is also known to have appetite reducing qualities. On top of all of this, they are also, and surprisingly, a great source of vitamin C. Chili peppers are referred to as a warming spice (along with cumin, black pepper, cardamom, and horseradish), which means they heat up the insides of our bodies to burn fat quickly and in turn, boost metabolism.


Studies have shown that caffeine found in coffee can help boost metabolism by up to 11%. On top of that, the caffeine may also help you burn fat for energy and is effective at boosting workout performance. Same applies for green tea. Green tea has a plant compound called EGCG that is a powerful antioxidant. This antioxidant can slightly increase the body’s fat burning process and also boost metabolism due to the caffeine. Both of these options are healthy for you, as long as you stay away from too many sweeteners and creamers.


On top of a multitude of beneficial properties that spinach contains, it has a large amount of iron, which helps carry the oxygen our muscles need to burn fat quickly and in turn, boost metabolism. The high fiber level of spinach aids in boosting metabolism and fat burning by up to 30%. Spinach is a versatile ingredient as it can go in salads, smoothies, breakfast eggs, and many other dishes. (We put it in a lot of our menu items at Well Pared!)


Blueberries provide 14% of your daily fiber in just one cup! They are surprisingly filling and can boost metabolism and increase your body’s ability to convert nutrients into energy. Another added benefit- the rich blue/red fruit provides antioxidants that help prevent cancer, heart disease, and stroke. They are sweet and easy to prepare and grab on the go.


Eggs are one of the best breakfast foods you can eat, for many reasons (they can also be for lunch or dinner or prepared as hard-boiled). Eggs are loaded with vitamin D, which repairs and rebuilds muscles. The more muscle mass you build, the more your body will burn calories. Eggs also boost metabolism with their high iron content. And finally, when eating eggs, you can ensure you are receiving a healthy amount of protein, omega 3 fats, B vitamins, and essential amino acids. So cook a few up for breakfast, prepared any way you like and start boosting that metabolism now!


As you can see, many of these items that are known to boost metabolism are very common ingredients and foods that you can easily incorporate into your regular diet. A lot of people try to cheat the system with pills that claim to boost metabolism. When you choose simple foods, like those above, they will do a lot of the work for you!

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