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Well Pared Buddha Bowls

Our 3 Favorite Buddha Bowls : Get In My Belly!

Wait, Well Pared has food?

Well Pared – the best and only juice bar in Billings, MT- clearly offers an extensive list of the most amazing, nutritious juices around. But did you know that they also provide a full menu of wholesome, healthy, delicious foods? It’s true, the food menu offers a wide variety of salads, wraps, buddha bowls, granola bowls, and soups.

If you thought we solely provided juices, you are about to have your mind blown with Buddha bowl deliciousness.

Buddha What?

Today, we will deep dive into the awesome Buddha Bowls on our menu and take a look at three of our absolute favorites. But first, what are Buddha bowls?

Great question! Buddha bowls are colorful, filling dishes, composed of grains, veggies, proteins, and seeds, and served with a hearty dressing.

To sum it up, they provide you with all the nutrients you need out of a meal or snack, and also taste kick ass at the same time!

3 Buddha Bowls We Crave – What They Are & Why We Love Them

The Kumara

A Buddha bowl favorite, the Kumara is a popular Well Pared dish that contains chicken, roasted sweet potatoes, chopped kale and red peppers, with our house made sriracha hummus.

This tasty dish is a savory, hearty bowl, chocked full of protein, healthy carbs and vegetables. The house-made sriracha gives this bowl a mild kick that we know you’ll love!

The Mae

Another customer fave, the Mae is a vegetarian bowl that includes quinoa, roasted asparagus, roasted red potatoes, sliced avocado and parmesan cheese, topped with our house made lemon parmesan dressing.

The Mae bowl is a deliciously healthy, fulfilling dish that will provide you with the essential good fats, protein, and vegetables your body needs. Plus, there’s parmesan, and you can’t go wrong with a little cheese!

The Tali

The Tali is another vegetarian dream bowl that contains quinoa, roasted chickpeas, purple cabbage, green peas and rainbow micro greens with house-made garlic hummus to top it off.

This bowl has the most greens of any of our bowls, which provide you with countless essential nutrients and vitamins, while at the same time, filling you up with proteins quinoa and chickpea.

The roasted chickpeas and green peas will give you the crunch you crave, and the garlic hummus provides the flavor your taste buds are sure to appreciate.

Bowls That Are Out of This World!

The best part of all of our Buddha bowls is that you’ll get all the nutrients and flavor you need! You’ll get everything you need without any of the added junk and toxins you get in most fast foods or processed foods from the grocery store.

You can rest assured that the ingredients we offer in all of our foods are the real deal – nutritious, fresh, and unprocessed. No need to scour ingredient labels here – we’ve got you covered from the moment you walk in the door.

You really can’t go wrong with any of our buddha bowls because each of them has flavors that will blow your mind! But hey, don’t take our word for it, stop in to Well Pared today and see for yourself!