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Well Pared Healthy Snacks On The Go

Grab & Go Food Prep Part 1 : Healthy Snacks When You’re On the Go

Most of us live in a crazy busy world, where day to day, we feel we don’t have time to do much of anything we’d like, including food prep and eating healthy. When you are bouncing around to the gym, to work, to your children’s after-school activities, etc., you may feel like healthy snacks are the furthest thing from possible. But they don’t have to be!

Below you’ll find 7 healthy snacks that are easy to prep and easy for grab & go situations that happen on the daily.

Revolutionary Healthy Snacks To Stay On Track

Hard Boiled Eggs

This one is easy! Boil your eggs, peel the shell, slice into halves and refrigerate until needed. If you want to spice things up a bit, lightly salt and pepper the eggs, add paprika or cumin, or bring mustard or hot sauce for dipping. We personally recommend a little lemon pepper!

Hard-boiled eggs give you the protein you need when you are on the go and they don’t turn bad very quickly, so feel free to make a batch for the week.


This is also a no-brainer healthy snack. Fruit provides countless nutrients and the sweetness can be just what you need for a morning or midday pick me up when you are on the go. Just be careful with portion size because fruit, although natural, can still have a lot of sugar and send you crashing shortly after consumption!

We suggest filling several small containers with fruit and grabbing one when needed.

Plantain Chips

Ah, yes, one of our favorites! Every time we eat plantain chips, we feel like we’re “cheating”, but the great news is, it’s actually a guilt-free snack! Plantain chips are a healthy snack that is easy to make. You just slice and bake with olive oil and salt and they’ll come out crunchy and delicious.

If you feel you don’t even enough time to make them yourself, there are a ton of different brands at the grocery store (just be sure to read the ingredients to ensure nothing artificial or harmful has been added).


A common misconception is that beef jerky is not a healthy snack. This couldn’t be farther from the truth, IF you’re buying the right kind of jerky. You’ll want to look for jerky that doesn’t have refined sugars, additives, or other junk fillers that are not good for you.

Some of the best and safest brand names for jerky are Steve’s Original, Sophia’s Survival Foods, Primal Pacs Jerky, and Hunted and Gathered Paleo Jerky. These can be perfect, protein-packed snacks to have on hand for whenever you are rushing out the door!

Veggies and Dips

Veggies seem like an obvious healthy snack go-to, but you can get creative with various combos for when you are in a rush. For example, you can take little containers of salsa and guac or even hummus and dip your veggies (think carrots, cucumber, broccoli, etc).

You could also soak your cucumbers overnight in apple cider vinegar and onions to give them more flavor for the next day. Just make sure you keep a wide variety and continue switching things up so you don’t get sick of the same old veggies.

No More Excuses!

As you can see, these healthy snacks are all relatively inexpensive, quick to throw together, and delicious! So don’t fall victim to fast food delivery just because you’re busy. Instead, take a few minutes out of your weekend to meal prep for the rest of the week and you’ll feel prepared when hunger hits.

We know from experience that if you get everything ready in easy-to-grab portions, you have a much better chance of choosing healthy snacks over junky.

If all else fails, know that there are endless options for healthy snacks and meals at Well Pared. So skip McDonald’s drive-thru and head on in to Well Pared today!